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, | Unfiltered | September 28, 2019

( This was when i was 7 years old during Halloween)

Mom: were gonna go find you a costume for your kindergarten party!

Me: Yay!

Mom: (Looking at all the adult sized costumes)

Me: (Looking at kids isle on the other side and looking at a NINJA costume)

Me: Mommy i wanna be THIS!

Mom: You wanna a ninja!

Me: (as loud as i could) Ya a N****

Mom: no no no! a N I N J A!

Me: Yes i wanna be a n****

(everyone in the store is staring at me and my mother who is now red)

(At the end i did become a ninja that night but i got a stern talking to by my parents even though I didn’t know what that word meant and i could only wear the costume if I could the name right)

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