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*Our bar has a free pool table for our guests to play. On starting my shift I learn that apparently all the pool chalk had been stolen over the weekend. Most guests are perplexed but understanding about the situation (keeping in mind, the table is completely free to use), except for one guy*

Patron: Hey! Where’s the pool chalk?!
Me: I’m sorry, apparently it was all stolen.
Patron: What? Are you saying you don’t have any chalk?!
Me: No, apparently someone stole it all. It’s very odd.”

The guy makes a face but goes back to playing pool. I continue serving other guests. About 10 minutes late I hear him yelling at my coworker.

Patron: It’s ridiculous you don’t have any chalk! The only reason I came here was to play pool! And that asshole over there is acting like it’s no big deal!! He doesn’t even care there’s no chalk.
Me: (keeping calm and reasonable) Sir, I’m very sorry there’s no chalk, it just happened, someone stole it.”
Patron: Yeah I don’t like your attitude, you keeping saying that like we didn’t hear you the first time.”
Me: “I’m sorry, I don’t know how else to explain the situation, and you keep asking about it. It just happened over the weekend.”
Patron: (still yelling)”So you’ve known about this for a while and didn’t tell anyone about it?! Inform your manager and stop acting like this no big deal, asshole. You go to the store and spend $5 on some goddamn chalk for the $9,000 pool table!
Me:(amused at the guy’s over the top anger) Will do, sir.

Apparently this guy thought it was my personal duty to go out and buy more chalk the instant I hear about a freak situation. Me and my coworker decide to play “good bartender/bad bartender” on him. She eventually convinces him to order enough food and drink to run up a $300 tab, which he then tips her a $100 on. I never spoke to him again and pretended to be scared of him (although I could barely contain my laughter every time he glared at me). We split the tip and used it to buy ourselves drinks.