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(I work part-time at my parents’ Mexican restaurant. Two of our regulars come in with their son, our customers usually seat themselves. After giving them the menus and getting their drinks I asked if they’re ready to order. They reply yes and the lady asks what’s inside the chicken burrito)
Me: Rice, beans, nd cheese.
Her: on the outside right?
Me: No… it’s inside the burrito.
Her: how’s the chicken?
Me: it’s chopped up in cubes and grilled.
Her: okay, I’ll have a chicken burrito then.
Me: with everything?
Her: what’s everything?
Me: rice, beans, nd cheese.
Her: what about the chicken?
Me: …that too.
Her: yea okay that’s fine.
Her husband: (who listen to the entire conversation) No onions in the burrito.
Me: Our burritos don’t have onions.
Her: what do they have then?
Me: … A chicken burrito has chicken, rice, beans, nd cheese.
Her: okay then, I’ll have that.
(This lady comes in regularly and always orders items that aren’t on the menu as well)