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(This happened a few years ago so this may not be 100% accurate.)
I am male and after my English class I met up with my friend like we do every day to go to gym together. We are discussing the next Pathfinder session, when a girl dropped her water bottle me being the kind of guy who does nice things on impulse I pick it up for her and give it to her. We keep talking about how my friends brother plans to screw us over as he does as DM when the girl taps my shoulder.

Girl: I would’ve picked it up myself.
Me: Okay your welcome have a good weekend.
My friend and I walk away when she does this again.
Girl: Why are you being a jackass? I told you I could have done it myself.
Me: Okay I believe you would you mind we gotta get to class.
We start to go downstairs when she does this a third time.
Girl: My boyfriend is (My fellow boyscouts name) I could get him to beat you up.
Me: I know him and he wouldn’t hurt anyone because then he’d be off the team now you should get to class you’ll be late.
Girl: Uggh you shouldn’t rape other peoples things.
My friend who is a peaceful morman got fed up at this point and said: Fine you wanna pick it up.
He grabs the bottle and yells heads up and throws it across the hall.
Girl to my friend: You ass.
Friend: Thanks now chase it thirsty bitch.
As she ran so did we to gym.

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