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I live in Victoria, BC, Canada. One year I was corresponding with a Russian man who had moved to Bellingham from Moscow not that long ago. He and I agreed to meet in Victoria, so I set out for the ferry via public transit.
I discovered halfway into my ride that I had mistakenly boarded the wrong bus. This was long before cell phones so there was no way for me to let my friend know that I had gone off-course. By now I’m panicking and near tears because he would have no way of reaching me or vice-versa, and he had come by ferry from Vancouver to meet me at the terminal.
I saw a taxi and, not knowing what else to do, between my choking sobs I managed to ask the driver to get me as far as $5.00 – all the cash I had – would take me (which would be NOWHERE NEAR where I had to go, but at least I could call the ferry terminal from a pay phone to ask them to page my friend).

The driver took me all the way to the ferry terminal – a good 20 miles – no questions asked, and he didn’t even charge me.
Wherever you are, if you ever see this, thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

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