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Usually, when someone orders something off the “Dinner” page of our menu, they get a dinner bun with it. However, probably 90% of customers don’t eat the bun, so we end up having to throw them away. So recently the higher ups decided we were going to stop providing dinner rolls to reduce cost and waste. This happened about a week after we ran out of our last order of rolls.

2 elderly ladies are sitting together, I bring them their food. They both order dinners.

Me: “Here’s your dinners ladies”
Lady 1: “Can I get some napkins?”
Lady 2: “Where’s my dinner bun? It’s supposed to come with a dinner bun.”
I start to leave the table to get the napkins, but first say –
Me: “I’m sorry we don’t have dinner buns, we phased them out.”

As I walk away, I hear Lady 2 repeat what I said. I grab a couple napkins and return to the table.

Me: “Here you go, can I get you ladies anything else?”
Lady 2: “This is supposed to come with a dinner bun.”
Me: “I’m sorry m’am, we don’t have dinner buns anymore. Most people didn’t eat them so we stopped ordering them. I can offer you some toast or bread instead if you would like.”

At the point I say that most people didn’t eat them, she looked at me like I personally insulted her.

Lady 2: “But this is supposed to come with a dinner bun.”
Me: “We don’t have any, can I bring you some toast or bread instead.”
Lady 2: “Bring me toast.”

I go to the kitchen window and ask for a side of toast. This was during our busy Sunday lunch rush and I had had more than enough of this woman by now. Luckily, my manager asked there was anything he could do for me, I told him to bring the side of toast to the table so I wouldn’t have to go back there. She must have been so heartbroken about not getting a dinner bun that she didn’t tip.