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(We require everyone who wants to use our services to sign up with their email address in order to prevent spamming en masse – if you’re going to be nasty on the website, don’t forget we have your email. An 8-year-old is attempting to sign up. Note that on the chat service, chat is broadcast like ” Message”)
Me: So you have to go to [website] and click on the yellow button.
Child: Which one?
Me: Uh, the one that says “SIGN UP” in big letters on it.
Child: The yellow one?
Me: …. yes.
Child: What now?
Me: You register with your in game username, password and email.
Child: What do I put in the username box?
Me: Your username.
Child: What’s my username?
Me: ….. [his username]. It says before your messages.
Child: Ok, so I put that in the username box?
Me: YES.
Child: Ok….. what’s my password?