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Our city has recently opened a very large shopping centre where the shops are open until 8pm, so it is popular in the early evening when people have just finished work and pop in on their way home. This particular night, I had gone to a particular department store which is known for it’s low prices and relatively poor quality but is altogether very high quality. I’ve picked up some items and go to queue, there are two queues and I follow a professional, well-to-do looking woman into the shorter queue when I overhear the following…

Customer: (to a supervisor training an employee at a closed till) Excuse me? Could you start serving please? It’s busy.

Supervisor: I’m in the process of training right now, but I’ll get some more staff on the tills.
*on tannoy* All checkout colleagues to level 1 checkouts please.

The woman looked slightly appeased, and one checkout colleague came over. I am called to a till whilst she is still being served and I listen in to her rant…

Customer: Why is it acceptable to keep customers waiting when there are so many chavs in the queue? I shouldn’t have to wait with these people! I have places to be!

Employee: I’m very sorry that this has upset you, we have everyone that we can serving at the moment, but 5pm is our busiest time…

Customer: But surely I’m more important? It’s bad enough that I’m shopping here in the first place considering the standard of your customers.

Employee: I’m sorry, but I don’t think that is an acceptable thing to say, I shop here too and don’t think there is a stereotypical shopper here.

Customer: That’s a big word for you!

Employee: *visibly annoyed now* Thank you Ma’am. My supervisor is by the exit if you would like to make a formal complaint.

The woman and I finish at the tills at the same time and she walks ahead of me, I notice her stopping by the supervisor so hang about and pretend to be really interested in the bath products by the till…

Customer: (to supervisor) EXCUSE. ME. I think you need to reevaluate your career choice as you clearly don’t know what you’re doing here.

Supervisor: I’m sorry?

Customer: Surely it’s more important to serve your customers than standing about pretending to look customers?! The queue was huge and we had to wait at least five minutes!

Supervisor: I’m sorry ma’am, I did call for more staff on the tills, but I’m training a new staff member on our till systems at the moment to ensure we have enough staff in future.

Customer: I didn’t see any training happening! He was just staring at the screen and you were smiling! You were just messing around and clearly pretending to look like you are important when really you just work in this shit hole!

Sadly at this point I had to leave to catch my train, but as I was leaving I noticed the security guard walking towards her, I hope she never *HAS* to shop ‘below her’ again! I personally enjoy being able to get new pyjamas for £5.

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