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(I work for a startup so sometimes we have money in the bank. Other times we do. Therefore, we rely heavily on clients and those clients paying us to make ends meet. Something that my two coworkers have a hard time grasping as one, Coworker #1, does not value his time all that much and is always working for free, and the other, Coworker #2, thinks he is more valuable than he is and is constantly fudging what he is working on. This is a real conversation that takes place when our supervisor is trying to convince my knuckleheaded coworkers to report their hours properly.)

Supervisor: We need more billable hours to [Client].

Coworker #2: Well, if that is the case, I have a bunch of billable hours for running the code.

(Aside: Some of these calculations can take hours, if not days to run.)

Supervisor: If it is just waiting for it to run, we can’t bill them for that.

Coworker #2: It isn’t like I can do anything else while it runs!

Me: You could work on [item #1 that doesn’t require software], [item #2], or [item #3].

Coworker #2: But I can’t do anything else!

Coworker #1: If you aren’t doing anything on your computer, it doesn’t count as billable hours.

Coworker #2: Yeah, well I mean I don’t consider if I am sleeping and it is running billable hours…

Coworker #1: But if you aren’t doing anything code related while you wait, they aren’t billable hours.

Supervisor: *obviously in shock* Do you understand why we are telling you this?

Coworker #1: Yeah I get it. If it is time that I would normally be doing something while I wait, I count it. If I am not awake than it is not billable. *scoffs*


Coworker #2: …


(Coworker #1 eventually leaves to go home, while announcing he is waiting for code to run.)

Supervisor: *after he leaves* Well that made a lot of things clear for me.

Me: You know he is counting in drive time because the software is running, right?

(We set up an old laptop and ordered him a computer to solely run calculations on the next day. Not surprisingly, he thought he could double bill hours…)

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