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I work 3 jobs to pay my way trhoughschool.
I’m behind the customer service counter when a very irate woman comes through my line with an item to return along with a reciept from a completely different typd of store.
She is basically doing the equivalent of trying to get money back by returning broccoli to a shoe store.
She didn’t buy it there. We don’t carry it. The reciept is not from our store.
I’ve been trying to explain this for quite a while while keeping my cool.
The line behind her is growing.
She gets angrier and angrier until she grabs our donation jar for cystic phybrosis research off the counter and flings it at me.
She misses me, cracks the wall monitor behind me, all the time screaming racial slurs at me and demanding to speak with a manager, not a dumb *racial slur.*
Having had enough I walk from behind the desk, grab her by her ears, and plant my knee in her fork as hard as I possibly can.
I then toss my name tag at her while she is doubled over in pain and inform her that I can’t call a manager for her, as I no longer work there.
I light a cigarette and walk out to my car as the rest of the line looked on in stunned silence.
Three weeks later my final check arrived in the mail.
Nothing more was ever said.
Nothing is more dangerous than a woman with nothing to lose.

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