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(We are a bookstore that offers magazines, hardbacks, paperbacks, newspapers etc. We sell Girls Gone Wild magazines, which is relevant in this story.)
Me: *picks up a call* “Hello, this is [Name], how may I help you?”
Angry Woman: “There was a bill sent to me from your company! I never bought these magazines! Why the f*** are you charging me?!”
Me: “Ma’am, may I have your address, please? I can check the bills that we’ve sent you.”
Angry Woman: “Fine! It’s [Address].”
Me: “Well, I see there have been monthly purchases of the magazine Girls Gone Wild for a few months now. Does that help?”
Angry Woman: “What the f***? I didn’t buy those!”
Me: “May I ask, do you have a husband or a son?”
Angry Woman: “I have two sons- oh. Um, I’ll be right back, kay?”
*incoherent screaming in background, something about ‘your father will here about this, boys!’*
Angry Woman: “Well! Sorry to have wasted your time, and I promise you, the boys will be paying for this! AND no pocket money for a year!”