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(I work at a medium sized resort in the South of the country. We work closely with a company which provides shuttle services to the airport which is 40 miles away from the resort. Guests who ask for this service to be provided to them are told, at least twice – upon booking and once they check in – that payment is done directly with reception, in cash. In this case, I am on my morning shift, talking to the driver which has just arrived to pick a family of guest up. They were giving all employees of the resort a hard time during their stay and I was warning the driver of that. The guest enters the receptions lobby, carrying his little girl on his arms, dropping the key to their villa on the counter without saying anything to me and hastily asked the driver to pick them and their bags at their villa)

Me: Excuse me sir, I have here your ticket/receipt for your transfer to the airport. The cost is € xx.

Guest: Oh yeah right. Here’s my credit card.

Me: Sorry sir, cash only.

Guest: What? This is ridiculous! I am leaving right now and you are telling me this just now?

Me: Sir you were informed of the amount and means of payment twice. Before and upon your arrival to the hotel.

Guest: This is crazy! (at this moment he starts pointing is finger at me) I will talk to the manager about this! This is crazy!

Me: Why is it crazy? You are using a service, it makes perfect sense that you pay for it.

Guest: Nonsense! This is crazy!

(at this moment he turns his back on me and leaves. The shuttle driver called his boss immediately, who told him “no money, no ride”. My colleague from the night shift who was still there trying desperatly to end his shift went to the villa to open the gate for the driver. The guest was there, next to the gate.)

Guest: So, do you have change for €xxx? I just want to leave this crazy town at once!