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(Because my sister can be cripplingly shy, antisocial and quiet, she is often mistaken for being autistic. One day, my sister came to eat at the restaurant I serve as a waitress at.)
Sister: “Hi, [My name]. Table for one, please.”
Me: “Right this way, [Sister]!”
(She smiled shyly and sits down. She orders and I bring out her food. Everything is normal until…)
Middle-aged male customer: *runs into my sister’s chair accidentally* “Watch where you’re going, b****!”
Sister: *stammering* “But I… you… -”
Middle-aged male customer: *crude imitation* “B-b-but. You can f*** off and watch your surroundings, [disabled slur].”
Other Customer: “Hey buddy, shove it. This lil gal didn’t do nuffin to ye.”
Middle-aged male customer: “You can go f*** yourself.”
Me: “Sir, may I please ask you to refrain from using crude language, and please stop harassing other customers.”
Middle-aged male customer: “Me? Harassing others? Come on, dumb b****, they were insulting me! Damn b**** and motherf*****.”
Me: “… Sir, you do not honestly think I’ll believe you, do you? I was standing here the whole time.”
Sister: “May I have the bill, [My name]?”
Me: “Sure. [Coworker], can you get [Sister] her bill?”
Middle-aged male customer: “What the f***?! You shouldn’t be catering to the f****** [disabled slur]! I’m the real d*** customer here! S***, I even ordered more than she did!”
Me: “We don’t base people’s value upon how much they eat, sir. Again, I will ask for you to not use that kind of language here.”
Other Customer: “Yeah, man. Ye gotta watch yer mouth. Listen to the gal. You’re bein’ rude and no one here’s enjoying this here scene yer causin’.”
Middle-aged male customer: “Psh. Some place this is, catering to b****** and motherf****** like them! F*** YOU ALL!”
(He then proceeds to elbow my sister in the back of the head, knocking her face-first on the table, and then KICKS THE CHAIR out from underneath her. She ends up not only getting a cut across her nose and cheek from the cutlery, but also spraining her ankle and breaking one of her fingers from the fall.)
Manager: “What’s going on here?”
Middle-aged male customer: “Thank the f****** lord! These people were insulting me and then she (points at me) tried to assault me!”
Manager: *looks at my sister being carried away by some of my coworkers, and the fact I’m standing about seven feet away from him* “Uh-huh.”
Middle-aged male customer: *oblivious* “I think you should fire her right away!”
Manager: “I wouldn’t, even if she had assaulted you and you hadn’t assaulted that poor girl.”
Middle-aged male customer: “Hey! How the f*** do you know SHE didn’t assault that [disabled slur], hm?”
Manager: “Because that’s her sister.”
Middle-aged male customer: “Whatever, b****es. I’m leaving.”
Me: “Hell no you aren’t! You’re facing charges for assaulting my sister!”
Other Customer: “I’ll be their witness. Buddy, what ye did was outta line.”
Middle-aged male customer: *sputters* “Wha- but- no!”
Me and Manager: “Yes.”
(Security hauled him away kicking and yelling, and as promised, he faced charges and was sentenced to 18 months in jail, and he paid for my sister’s treatment.)