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I am the customer in this story. My friends and I are divers – we use a compressor in the boat and dive with lines to breathe through. The compressor has filters that work best stuffed with feminine hygiene pads and honey (it catches all dust and adds a pleasant taste to the air). Also to put on a wetsuit it helps to have something slippery on your legs (pantyhose works great)

Heading out of town for weekend dive trip my friends and I stop at a country town and walk into a pharmacy. We spend some time checking out the pantyhose display looking for some that would fit us. We are three rather big guys. Not being regular buyers it takes awhile. Having made our choice we approach the assistant at the counter, while making our purchases one of my friends says me “Have you changed the filters lately?” Remembering that I have not I ask the assistant for a package of feminine hygiene pads. We get a very strange look, not helped when my other friend asks “By the way do you have any honey?”

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