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(In this story, the customers are me and my mother. She can be cool and level headed, but not this time. What made it worse is the cashier was REALLY attractive and my type.)
Cashier: Hi! Welcome to [store] are you here for a pickup?
Mother: Yes.
-My mom pulls out her phone and shows her the order online stating its ready for pickup-
Cashier: Ok, and do you have your id with you?
Mother: Yes.
-She hands the cashier her id-
Cashier: Alright, I’ll go get it for you.
-The cashier goes through a door and comes back with a large, 30 lb. bed roll and looks a bit embarrassed at struggling to carry it do to its odd shape-
Cashier: Sorry, its a bit weird carrying it. Do you have a cart?
-I quickly bring the cart over and help her set it in-
Mother: [my name] bring it to the car and come back for what you wanted.
Me: Can’t we just-
-My mother interrupts me with an irritated half growl half grunt and the cashier looks nervous, even worse for me because of my mind deciding the cashier was cute so I just decided to bring it out to the car and come back. When I came back, my mother had disappeared and I was too shy to apologize for her behavior to the cashier. She had wandered into the middle of the store without saying anything to me-
Mother: Alright, so what do you want?
Me: [names specific item]. I already know where it is.
-I then walk directly into the aisle and grab it, placing it in the cart; secretly hoping that the cashier moved away from the pickup area to a checkout lane. We ended up with a cart full of items, when we were going for ONE item, which she said multiple times on the drive there.-