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I work at a party store and we sell tons of Halloween product, including bags of spiderwebs, you know, like the kind you can’t go anywhere without seeing in the month of October. The following interaction is about a small bag of spiderwebs.

Customer: “Excuse me, but how big does this stretch?”

Me: “It’s not really a measurable thing because it depends how you use it”

Customer: “How many feet”

Me: “It depends on what you are doing with it, it will cover a surprising amount tho”

Customer: “How many feet”

Me: “I wouldn’t be able to say”

Customer: “How many feet”

Me: “5.”

Me: “Oh thanks”

….. Walks away then comes back

Customer “Are you sure it’s 5 feet”

Me: “Sure”

Customer: “Why is this bag more expensive than this one?”

Me: “Because the smaller one is 1 oz and the larger one is 4.01 oz”

Customer: “So they are the Same price”

Me: “No, one has more in it”

Customer: “But they are the same product?”

Me: “Yes, just one has more”

Customer: “How many feet is it”