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(One day, a mother and her nine year old son come into the hospital, where I am waiting with my mother for her treatment, and the son is pretty badly injured, and obviously in pain.)
Mother: “Hi, can I have someone look at my son to see if needs treatment?”
Nurse: *takes one look at the boy and gasps* “Ma’am, come this way immediately! We need to help him!”
Mom: *not budging* “Yes, yes, I know. You want my money and all that. But before you do that, can we just have a REAL doctor come and look at him?”
Nurse: “Ma’am, it’s pretty easy to tell what has happened to him, and we don’t need a doctor to-“
Mom: “No, no, no! I want a REAL doctor to come and look at him! Not some pretty face in a nurse costume!”
Nurse: “Oh, screw it. [Coworker’s Name], bring him to Dr [Name] and get him treated right away!”
Mom: “Oh my god, people. I just want to know if I’ll have to pay for him. I was hoping it wasn’t too bad, and we could just let it be. Now I have to pay for something he might not have needed.”
Nurse: *gaping at the mom*
Mom: “Well? I have to keep a tight budget, my family is low on money and we need to save-“
Me: *couldn’t take it any longer* “Which is why you’re standing there with a Hermes bag on your arm, in a Versace dress and designer heels, parking a red Porsche outside. And I don’t know if you’re short-sighted or whatever (humph from the Mom) but EVERYONE ELSE in this room can see your son has a GIANT, GAPING CUT on his arm that has BLOOD FLOWING all over his clothes. I don’t know if you’re clueless, hopeless, or just neglecting your child because of money you can obviously spare. Go to your son, and we all pray to God for him. He needs all the divine help he can get, with you as a mother.”
(I sit down and everyone around me clamours in agreement. The mother stammers a ‘sorry’, turns bright red and rushes off to her son. I hope he was alright!)