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(I frequently visit a popular video game store and thus am good friends with the workers there. One day a man and his son come in looking for something. They obviously don’t know video games very well and unfortunately they only speak spanish. I however, can speak it so I decide to help.)
The following takes place in spanish.
Me: so what do you need
Father: I don’t know a game he wants. (he turns to his son) which one is it?
Son: this one ( he points to a brand new game that requires game figures)
Me: ok so what system is it for?
Father: what?
Me: what game system is it for?
Father: I don’t know
(Literally face palming, I show him the displays to see which one it is)
Me: so which one is it (listing off systems they are for)
Father: Oh, we don’t have one
Me (dying inside) what?
Father: Would it work on the TV
Me: no, no it won’t
Father( turns to his son) sorry we can’t get it
Son: Oh
(The dad just gets his son one of the figures just for fun and leave the store)
Me( to the workers): this is going on NotAlwaysRight