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(I’m working behind the counter near the register when I overhear this conversation between a customer and our cashier)
Customer: “I was in here the other day with my uncle, he paid the bill but we think he forgot to pay for one of the tickets”
(We write each meal on its own separate ticket and they bring them up to the register to pay)
Customer: “I brought the ticket back with me so I could pay for it. I just didn’t want to go around wondering if we paid for it or not”
Cashier: “Wow, thank you!”
Customer: “well I just wanted to set my Guilt to rest sweetie”
Cashier:*rings her up for an extra meal*
“That will be $6.50 ma’am”
Customer:*gladly pays for the extra meal and leaves*
Cashier: *turns to me* ” I’ve never seen that happen before!”