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(I’m the stupid customer here. I go into the shop on a Saturday morning after breaking my old e-cigarette the night before. I say which one I want and the employee gets it from the case)

Employee: would you like me to help you with setting this up?

Me: nope, I’m fine. *long pause* wait actually, I have no idea how to set it up, can you help me?

Employee: *looking confused* yeah, of course. Now what liquids do you want with this?

Me: uhhh… Raspberry… And cherry. No wait, strawberry. Actually no, cherry!

Employee: are you sure?

Me: yeah I’m sure. I’m so sorry, I went out clubbing last night and I think I’ve killed off more than a few brain cells!

Employee: *laughs* don’t worry, I’ve been there myself too!

(I was so embarrassed but he was lovely and polite, really helped me out and I left the shop with a smile on my face, despite my horrible hangover!)