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(It’s not uncommon for people to make a joke about the pricing of our stock, it all being 99p, and it’s funny the first time. It’s also funny if they genuinely don’t realise that EVERYTHING is 99p. However, it isn’t funny when I have to answer this question between 6 and 25 times a day, depending on the length of my shift. School kids are the worst for it because they think it’s hilarious to ask, again and again. This time I’m serving a customer with quite a full basket when the kid comes up. I’ll usually answer quick questions from other customers while serving to stop the line getting too long.)
Kid: *Points at chocolate on the till* “How much is this?”
(Sometimes we keep chocolate that is on deals on the tills so I don’t get annoyed at this question)
Me: 99p.
Kid: “And this one?”
(Note: all the chocolate on the till is a well known brand only in different flavours.)
Me: “99p”
Kid: “What about this one?”
(I know he’s doing it to annoy me. I can see the other customers watching to see what I’ll do but I’m just not in the mood.)
Me: “We’re in the [Store]. EVERYTHING is 99p.”
Kid: *Thinking he’s got me with this* “Not everything. Some stuff is less.”
Me: “And that’s why we have signs on them.” *Turning to the customer I was serving* “That’s [Total].”
(When I looked over again the kid and his friends were gone. The next customer in line found my reaction hilarious and even lamented with me about kids who think it’s funny to annoy the person who can get them banned from the cheap shop in a small town.)