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A few years back I worked at a pizza place as a delivery driver. Some guy calls to complain that the toppings on his pizza are wrong. It should be noted it was an ONLINE order for a pepperoni pizza. I walk in from a delivery and see a coworker, who is normally very polite and calm, obviously aggravated. The store is dead so I pick up the phone and listen.

Coworker: I do apologize for that sir if I could have the phone number you used with your order I’d be happy to help.

Customer: you don’t need my number just get me a new pizza.

Coworker: OK sir if I could just get your phone number so I… (customer yells string of profanity and slams phone down terminating the call) know where to send your pizza(sounding utterly defeated)

Me: rough day?

Coworker: that’s the second time he’s called.

Phone rings, look of panic washes over her face.

Coworker: thank you for calling pizza place…

Customer: where’s my damn pizza? I want to talk to a manager.

Coworker: one moment please I’ll go get him.

She explains that the guy won’t give her his phone number.

Manager: thank you for holding this is manager how may I be of assistance?

Customer: you can start by firing that rude bitch and then you can get me a free pizza.

Manager: alright can I have your phone number please?

Customer: yelling and screaming like a 2 year old

Manager hangs up

Me: if he calls back I got this.

Sure enough phone rings

Me: thank you for calling pizza place…

Customer: I demand to speak to the owner.

Me: this is he

Customer: y’all done screwed my order up and I want you to fix it.

Me: OK in order for me to fix it I need to look the order up what’s the phone number

Customer: gives number

Me: OK sir I see you ordered online what seems to be the problem?

Customer: I ordered a sausage, bannana pepper(not a topping we have ever offered)mushrom pizza and I got pepperoni.

Me: well sir I apologize but the order I’m looking at is for a pepperoni.

Customer: well then y’all screwed up taking my order.

Me: I see so you’re saying you ordered sausage bannana peppers and mushrooms and it got jumbled up on the internet?(not possible)

Customer: yes

Me: not pepperoni?

Customer: damnit give me corporates number you’re to stupid to conduct business.

Me: I’m very sorry sir but I don’t have that information howevever it is available on our website.

Customer: well how the hell am I supposed to know what your website is(once again its an online order)

Me: how’d you order?

Customer: I used the websi… Just give me the number that you would call if your store caught fire


Customer: well what’s the rest of it?

Me: sir if this building catches fire I’m doing what any American that graduated first grade would do dial 911 and hope the fire trucks get here fast.

Customer: you getting smart with me

Me: well I do consider myself intelligent so even though I know you are lying since we don’t nor have we ever offered bannana peppers I will personally deliver your pizza

Customer: you got 15 minutes hangs up

Heading to his house my cell rings he had called back to complain some more.

Knocks on door

Customer: well its about damn ti…

I guess now is a good time to mention I’m a 6 foot 5 240 pound Marine he’s like 5 foot 4 maybe 130 pounds sporting a mullet

Me: listen here cock stain if I ever have to come out here cause you tried to pull a stunt like this again I will force feed the entire pizza to you rectally using these size 14s as leverage while my employees take turns water boarding you with Sierra mist do I make myself clear?

To my knowledge he still orders once a week and tips at least 10 bucks