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Connected to Instant Chat

(Agent 1) DEBORAH: Good morning/afternoon; You’ve reached Deborah. Can I get your first/last name please?

Customer: My name is Bob Wanker.

(Agent 1) DEBORAH: Hi Andrew; how are you doing today?

Customer : I am doing horrible i caught my Wife cheating with our neighbor.

(Agent 1) DEBORAH: I’m so sorry…..do you want me to come and beat him up?

(Agent 1)DEBORAH: I’m here to help Andrew

(Agent 1) DEBORAH: What can I do for you today?

Customer : But the worst part is i am watching P*rn and i found out that my history is permanently being saved what should I do?

(Agent 1) DEBORAH: For this type of inquiry, you will need to speak with our Cable/Internet/Home phone.

2:43 PM Transferring session : Requested by administrator…

(Now with a TV, Internet and Home Phone Agent)

Agent 2: Hello, you’ve reached Nathaniel. I see you were transferred to me, please allow 1-3 minutes for me to review the chat up to this point.

Agent 2: I do apologize, but the previous agent has transferred you to the wrong department; in order to better assist I can provide the web address to our technical support chat line. They will be able to help you with this issue. I apologize but the technical support chat does not have a direct transfer from this chat, you will need to type in this web address in your browser to access the tech chat line.

Customer : But i need my P*RN HISTORY TO BE CLEANED

Agent 2: I think they’d be able to help with that. Either that, or you’ll have to take your computer to a repair shop.

Customer : Please help me if my Wife finds out she will beat me up

Agent 2: I get the feeling I’m being trolled.

Customer: Listen I am a loyal customer for 15 years, all i need is for my P*rn history to be cleaned

Agent 2: Fine, I’ll see if I can whip up some troubleshooting steps and see what we can do about the evidence of your unusual browsing habits.

Agent 2 : Since you’ve chatted in to us, I’m assuming you’ve already tried clearing your browsing history the normal way. Which, by the way, is clicking on the Chrome menu (yes, I can see you’re using Chrome), selecting More tools, then Clear Browsing Data, checking all the items you want cleared, then selecting beginning of time to delete everything.

Customer : Yes I have done that, but i found out that my history is permanently saved in Googles server

Agent 2 : Well, I can’t help with that one. Google saves your searches, so you would have to contact them to have it deleted. I highly doubt they will though. They want dirt on everyone.

Customer : By the way thank you very much for helping me, I really don’t want my Wife to find out about my P*rn history.

Agent 2 : I’m half-tempted to let her. Ever think that might be the reason she’s cheating? She might already know.

Customer : I just don’t know what to do, i never used to watch p*rn. I am a 58 year old man. But i did it because i found my Wife cheating with our 38 year old neighbor

Agent 2: Okay, this isn’t a business related issue. Is there anything business related I can help with? If not, I will have to move on to other customers who actually need my help.

Customer: I am a loyal customer, are you saying that i am not valuable. I have been with Rogers for 18 years

2:57 PM Nathaniel: I don’t care if your the creator of this company himself. Unless you have an issue with your cable bill or something like that, I will end this chat. Who actually need my help.

Customer: I feel like your are trying to troll me

Agent: Now you know how I feel. Goodbye.