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(My family and I just landed from a 7 hour flight at 3 am. We decide that we’re too tired and hungry to drive the 4 hours home that night, and stay at a hotel. After dropping my mom and little brother off to our room, my dad and I go searching for some food. We all have a religiously strict vegetarian diet, and every restaurant we try that fits our diet is closed. Having no other choice, we stop at a drive-thru of a fast food restaurant that is famous for their selection of meats.)

Employee: Welcome to [restaurant]. Can I take your order?

Dad: Yeah, hi! Do you guys have any vegetarian meals?

Employee: Sorry, sir. We do not.

Dad: *sighs in surrender* Alright. Can we just have 4 large fries and 4 medium cokes please?

Employee: Sure thing! That will be [price] at the second window.

(My dad pulls up to the window and hands the employee some cash.)

Employee: They’re making some fries fresh for your daughter and you now.

Dad: Thank you. Hey, can you please make sure the boxes are filled up with as many fries as possible? We’re starving, and we couldn’t find any other place that was opened or worked with our diet.

Employee: Yeah, man, I’ll fill it up for you. Don’t worry.

(At this point my dad decided to tip the employee for helping us out. He caught the man’s attention through the window and held out $10.)

Dad: Here, man, take this. Thanks for the help.

Employee: *genuinely* No, man, no. I got you. No thank you. I got you.

Dad: *smiling* Alright, thanks again.

(A few minutes later the employee comes out with a bag full of fries and condiments. My dad shook his hand.)

Dad: Thanks so much, man. Thank you.

(As we start to drive away, I’m grinning and my dad’s shaking his head.)

Dad: *chuckling* He was a good man.

(Every little kindness counts! This wasn’t that big of a deal, but we were so tired and those extra fries really helped us out that day. This taught me to help out whenever I possibly can, without expecting anything in return. Thank you to that fast food restaurant employee who helped us and made me realize that important lesson.)

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