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(I used to work at a fish and chip shop in England. I’m originally from Wales (Part of the UK) and English is my first and only language. My accent is different from England and sometimes people find it difficult to understand if they’re not really listening. )

Customer: “Hello, I want fish and chips.”

Me: “Okay, what size fish would you like?”

Customer: “Excuse me?”

Me: “Size. We do small, medium or large cod.”

Customer: “I don’t understand you.” (She’s already getting annoyed and turns to my colleague.)

Colleague: “She said what size fish do you want?”

Customer. “Oh, I want small. These foreigners should learn how to speak English.”

Me: *I just stare at her before looking at my colleague. She serves the customer before we both burst out in laughter. Our boss comes over (he’s used to our giggles at work) and we explain the situation to him. He laughs before he starts talking to the customer and then he mentions me.*

Boss. “These Welsh people are hard to understand sometimes.” *says jokingly before passing me the food to hand to the customer.*

Me: “Here you go, hope you enjoy.”

*The look on her face when she realised I understood what she had said was priceless. I hope she comes in again.*