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(I work at the checkout for a large supermarket. An elderly lady comes through my checkout and I process her groceries.)
German Lady: “Do you have the stickers, for ‘die Kinder’?”
(It takes me a while to realize what she’s saying as she is speaking very broken English, but she’s asking for the stickers that our major competitor stock as a promotional item.)
Me: “I’m sorry, that’s (other supermarket)’s promotion, We don’t do anything like that.”
German Lady: “But I was just at the other (my supermarket) yesterday and they had them, I want the stickers for ‘die Kinder’.
(I explain again that it’s not my supermarket’s promotion but she continues to insist. She starts mumbling in German.)
German Lady (in german): “Stupid b****, can’t understand a word I’m saying anyway…”
Me (in german): “I can understand you fine. Would you like a receipt?”
(The lady goes ghost white and I never see her again.)

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