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There is a young girl, 17-19 years old maybe. She is standing at my register, but not putting her items up.

Me: Hi, how are you? Can I help you with anything?

Girl: No I’m just waiting for my mom.

*she begins eating an energy bar that we sell at the front registers*

Me: If you wouldn’t mind waiting to the side for your mom so I can take more customers?

*She leaves her cart at the register, but walks off to look for mom. I put her cart to the side*

After a while the girl comes back with mom and they finally put their things up on the counter. I notice that they haven’t given me the energy bar.

Me: Do you happen to have the wrapper from the energy bar you were eating earlier?

Mom: You were eating an energy bar?! Why didn’t you ask me first? Do you still have it?

Girl: well, it fell on the floor so no.

Me: It’s fine. Just grab another one and I’ll scan that one, but you’ll be charged for the one you ate.

*goes to boxes with the energy bars. She hands me the open, half eaten bar. She seriously put it back in the box*

Girl: You can just throw it out. It fell on the floor. I can’t eat it now.

*I just stared at her*

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