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(I work in a Tesco in a small yet famous town called Kettering, but one day a woman comes to my till and I start scanning her items, after at least ten minutes of scanning the most expensive items we had in stock I finnish and tell her the price she needed to pay)

Me: OK that will be £750.87…

(That’s when my mind exploded at the amount of money she’ll spend and the size of my next pay check)

Woman: Alright then. *Starts rolling her cart away*

Me: Uhh… Lady you have to pay!

Woman: *confused* Wait I’ve gotta pay?!

Me: Yes ma’am normally you have to pay for items that we have bought.

Woman: They don’t do that at Seven Eleven!

Me: Miss the nearest Seven Eleven is in America there isn’t even one that just gives stuff away.

(She suddenly darts out of the door to be blocked buy a coworker who is also a police officer just working part time in the shop)

Coworker: Miss I just saw you dash from that till with out paying!

(She pulls out a “Nerf” gun and shoots him in the forhead (which does nothing), so he pulls the toy out of her hands and stomps on it)

Woman: You can’t do that, I’m calling the police!

Coworker: *Pulls badge out of shirt pocket* I am the police!

(She goes pale and in the next five minutes she gets arrested for attempted theft, assault and being rude to an officer)