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(This happened on a fairly busy day in a popular pub with a seaside location. We get lots of older visitors in the months after summer. I’m in hour 9 of a 10 hour shift having already banged my head in the store cupboard, showered myself in orange juice and cleaned fresh poop out of a toilet. The customer is an older man and is not paying attention)

Customer: ‘pint of 1664 an’… uh…a kronenbourg please.’ (they are the same thing. He is not listening to me but points at the beer)
Me: ‘so, is that one pint or two?’
Customer: …’yes.’
Me: (thinking he hasn’t heard me but knowing he is not listening and he is still not looking at me) ‘one pint or two? ‘
Customer: ‘what?’
Me: ‘ONE pint or TWO?’
Customer: ‘What??’
Customer: (finally looking at me) ‘oh no, we’ll have food later.’

Me: *eye twitch*

(I smile, nod, and serve him a pint. He seems happy enough and, after a second or two, goes back to his table, unscathed by the whole event.

I am left wondering if it really was just one pint, or two. )

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