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(I work at a small town pizza place. We get our crusts frozen because we have to small of a staff to hand make the crusts. All crusts come frozen on a piece of foil)
A customer walks in, looking the restaurant over with a sour face.
Coworker- Welcome to (restaurant name), how can I help you?
Customer- Is your pizza cooked on foil?
Coworker- Yes, we have to cook it on the foil to keep the crust from burning.
Customer- WRONG! That makes the crust soggy.
(My coworker stares at her in disbelief)
Customer- Are your topping on top of the cheese?
Coworker- (firmly) No, because putting them on top of the cheese makes the grease pool and makes the pizza taste terrible.
Customer- WRONG! Putting it UNDER the cheese makes it greasy! I would never order your disgusting food!
Coworker- Well then how about you make it yourself because you know so much more than a PIZZERIA that’s been the most successful in town for 5 YEARS!
(The customer storms out. My coworker is one of the best at dealing with difficult customers, I would never imagine someone could be rude enough to make her snap!)

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