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(We are serving breakfast and we get a lot of builders coming in before they go to work, or for a morning break. One orders pancakes on table 50, which is easily seen from the bar.)

Coworker: ‘hey, table 50’s pancakes, the lady says she didn’t order them’
Me: *looking up* ‘uh, no, she didn’t. It was a guy in a grey hoodie, he’s been sat with his friend while his friend ate breakfast. You’ll know it’s him because his hands are covered in paint’
Coworker: ‘oh, right well I’ll have a look for him’
He eventually comes back having had no luck, so I go and see if I can find him on the floor. I look inside the pub and out to see if he’s having a smoke, I even look on our roof terrace which is currently closed for food but open to take drinks. He is nowhere to be found.
Me: ‘hey, I can’t find him either, he’s not in the pub’
Coworker: ‘well they can stay here until he claims them, why would you order pancakes and then just disappear?’
Me: ‘I don’t know, I’ll let him know if I see him’
I told another co worker about this later, saying I never saw him come back. She says I should have told her earlier, thinking she’s seen the customer I asked if she had served him, she replied ‘no, but I was hungry and they were free pancakes!’

He never did come back for them.