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I took over from another coworker, who was going for her break. There were a few bits that needed sorting, most notably a clothing return. The customer had said she’d go pick out an item of clothing to the value of the couple she’d brought back, so I waited until she turned up.

She turned up with a trolley full of shopping…

Customer: Hi, these are my clothes I’m returning, can I exchange them for this shopping?
I explain that it’s against store policy to do so, as items have to be exchanged for something from the same area of the store. She goes and pays for her shopping whilst I serve some other customers.

Her daughter (who is about 7) asks me if I can give her mum store credit (which I can’t unless it’s due to a store error) and so I wait again for the customer to return. At this point, it’s been a good ten minutes since the customer first spoke to me.

About 5 minutes later, the daughter asks me if her mum can have a refund onto her debit card (which she can).

Eventually, the mother returns and we sort the money out. She then asks me if she can buy some clothing items…

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