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(I’m about 12 years old. I am a victim of bullying, and all my friends have ditched me. After a particularly rough day, I am visually upset, and decide to stop by a burger joint on my way home from school.)

Me: How much is a slider?
Employee 1: $2.06.
Me: I only have t-two dollars.
Employee 1: that’s okay. Are you feeling alright? What’s the matter?
Me: my friends aren’t v-very nice p-people. And I’m-m being b-bullied at school.
Employee 2: *handing me a cup*
Me: Oh, sir I think you m-miss heard-d me-
Employee 2: it’s okay. The soda machine is over there.
Me: th-thank you, thank you!
Cook: do you like cheese on your burger?
Me: y-yes please.
(I fill my cup with coke and return to the cashier to pick up my burger)
Employee 1: *handing me a bag* Here’s some ketchup.
(I look inside the bag, and there’s two burgers in there!)
Me- Ma’am, there’s two b-burgers in here.
Employee 2: our treat. Things will get better, I promise.
Cook: those people are not your friends. I’ll be your new friend. I’ll be new… what people call it today…? I’ll be “bae” If you ever want to talk to someone come in and ask for (cook’s name)
Me: *laughing, for the first time in a week* thank y-you guys so so so much.
Employee 1: do you live far away? Should I walk with you?
Me: no, no, it’s okay. I just live a few blocks away.
Employee 1: come back any time. We’re here.
Employee 2: *picking up broom, swinging it around in the air* that’s what happens if people hurt you again. I’ll break them. to pieces.
(I’m laughing hard by now. The Employees look really pleased.)
Me: thank you guys so much. I really appreciate it. I’ll be back tomorrow.
Cook: keep me updated!
Employee 2: Yeah, we want the juice!

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