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(I work specifically in the hunting section of a sporting goods store. The usual uniform we wear is simply slacks or dress pants and a store shirt along with a name tag. Our managers don’t mind us adding anything else. So I’m the only one who wears a bowtie with my name tag and one of two who wears buttons.so I tend to stand out from the rest. While stocking ammunition there’s a man looking around so I proceed to ask him)

Me: finding everything alright?

Customer: we’re on red alert right now.

Me: did you need help finding some ammunition?

Customer: no. We’re just on red alert.

Me: do you need any help?

Customer:(looks at me in disgust) they let you wear that?!

Me: ummmmm yeah.

Customer: then you can’t help me

Me: if that’s what you wish (as I walk away)

(Who knew there were people who hated bowties and buttons)

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