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(I work for a grocery store and sometimes find myself at the help desk. The phone rings and I pick up.)
Me: Thank you for calling [store name] in Warwick. How can I help you?
Woman: Hi, I want to know if you have this certain product in stock. One of your employees recommended it to me last time I was there and I want to make sure you have it before I come in.
(I check the inventory on the computer and sure enough, it’s in stock.)
Me: Seems I do have it in stock and it should be on our shelves right now.
Woman: Fantastic! That employee really turned me onto it.
(Suddenly she stops and laughs.)
Woman: “Turned me on.” I shouldn’t say things like that! I’m such a dirty girl!
Me: Uh…
Woman: (still laughing) I’m such a bad girl, saying things like that!
Me: Okay. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Woman: (laughing has turned to straight-up cackling) Oh, no, I’m all set now. It was just such a dirty thing to-
(I hung up at that point. As far as I know, she never came in. I still wonder if it was a crank call or just the most immature woman in the state.)