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, | Unfiltered | September 19, 2019

I was working the bread aisle at my job. It involves large boxes piled with bread, each weighing at least 10 kilos. The delivery guy was late so I’m working as hard as I can to deal with the boxes piled on each other.
A customer comes along and seems afronted by the fact they weren’t spread out on the display.
Customer: “Why isn’t the bread like it should be?”
Me: “Sorry about that, it came in late. I set out a few loafs on the shelves.”
All the loaves are absolutely the same shape, size and made from the same dough. They are all identical.
Customer: “That’s not good enough! I don’t want those ones! Lift the boxes!”
I lifted the first box. She inspected the identical loaves, sqeezing and fondling them before throwing them back in.
Customer: “Lift the next box as well!”
I lifted box boxes together so she could investigate those loaves as well.
This continued till I was lifting at least 40kg of bread. I’m almost crying in pain at this point, but I am too shy and my manager wasn’t around.
She touched every loaves, taking her sweet time looking and touching them. Finally when she was done she dusted her hands off and sneered.
Customer: “I don’t want bread anyway, it’s makes you fat.”
She left without a goodbye or a sorry or a thank you.
I was left with an aching body and a new hatred for customers like her who are definitely not always right.