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Just before closing, the phone rings.

Me: (Company name), how can I help you?
Older Woman: I need to speak to Jasmine.
Me: Ma’am, I’m sorry, we don’t have a Jasmine here.
OW: Yes do you! I need to speak to her NOW!
Me: *Having double checked our employee directory* Are you sure you spoke to Jasmine at (company name)? I don’t see a Jasmine anywhere in our company.
OW: She’s a black woman and I spoke to her the last two days and you need to put her on the phone!
Me: Ma’am, are you sure you don’t have the wrong–
OW: NO I DON’T! You know what? Y’all are just common F***ers! *click*

(The kicker? I was reading Not Always Right at the time. Did karma just call me?)