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(This happened to my coworker. A scary looking man that was a foot taller and very muscular loomed at her. My coworker is tough, but she felt a twinge of fear.)

Coworker: “Hello, checking in?”

Man: *with thick accent* “Yesssss. 13. Rooms.”

(He shows my coworker a piece a paper with Expedia on the top, and the number of rooms was 13, but it looked like someone had added a number 3 to a 1. My coworker found his reservation.)

Coworker: “Sir…I have found your reservation…but…it looks like you’ve only reserved one room, not 13.”


Coworker: “I would give you them, but we are sold out today…”

(He screams at her in German, going berserk, throws the piece of paper around, rips it up, and storms around, knocking things off the walls with just a swipe. After her initial shock, my coworker finds her voice.)

Coworker: “Really, now sir! You can’t trash our lobby like that!”

Man: *spittle flying* “YOU! NO! HAVE! MYY ROOMS….FOR ME!!!”

(Finally he left, nearly knocking over the maintenance man, who went over to see what was going on. My coworker is holding tears back, she was so scared.)

Other Customer: “I saw what happened. Are you all right?”

Coworker: *nods mutely*

(The other customer gave her a big tip to cheer her up, and the manager was told. Luckily, my coworker didn’t get in trouble for talking back to a customer. Expedia was informed, and they banned the man from using them anymore. We never saw him again thank goodness. My coworker says that she had a lot of crazy customers before in her 12 years of working there, but the man had definitely beaten them all.)

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