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Me: “Hi, you’ve reached [company name], can I help you?”

Customer: (very angrily) “Yes, I recently purchased some recordings from you, but I can’t use these!!”

Me: “Ok, what seems to be the problem?”

Customer: “I need these recordings to be in an I-P-O-D format! These are in an MP something or other format! They’re totally unusable!”

Me: “Well actually, what you have is an MP3, and it will work on your Ipod or computer…”

Customer: “I was NOT born yesterday! I know these things! These are NOT the right format!”

Customer pauses and I hear mumbling in the background

Customer: (speaking to someone on her end of the line) “Oh, hmm… oh… well… I see…”

Customer: (speaking to me again, in a quieter, slightly sullen tone) “Well, my son says that they actually will work… so I suppose this is ok.”

Me: “Alright, well I’m so glad it will work for you, I hope you have a good day!”

Customer: *mumbles goodbye and hangs up*

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