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(While out of state with my boyfriend, my period suddenly starts. My cramps are bad enough that I can’t get out of bed, so my boyfriend goes to get some things for me. He relays this to me when he gets back to the hotel.)

Boyfriend: *at checkout* “Just these, please.”

Cashier: “Ugh, pads? Chocolate? Should have sent your girl in.”

Boyfriend: “I would, if she was able to stand.”

Cashier: “Ew, just dump her then. You don’t need to be buying her gross s***.”

Boyfriend: “…you mean things she needs? Can you please just ring me out?”

Cashier: “Nope!”

Boyfriend: “Can you get your manager then? I need to get these and get back to her.”

Cashier: “He’s just gonna tell you the same thing.”

(It takes a minute for the manager to get there.)

Manager: “Sir? What’s the issue?”

Boyfriend: “I’ve got a bleeding, cramping girlfriend back at our hotel and this guy thinks I can’t buy her things to help with it.”

Cashier: “It’s nasty girl s***!”

Manager: “[Cashier], we’ll talk in a minute. Sir, give me just a second.”

(He goes into an aisle, and returns with a hot pack. He then scans everything, then types some things into the register.)

Manager: “Your total is [low amount].”

Boyfriend: “Are you sure?”

Manager: “Absolutely. It’s reusable, so it should help for a while.”

(He pays, then practically runs back to the hotel room. Luckily, it didn’t ruin our trip.)

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