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(I work at a sushi restaurant that is family operated, sometimes people walk in to order food to-go and since I was the only one that spoke English at the moment I had to take most of the orders. This middle-age woman comes in and grabs a menu.)

Me: Hi, is there anything I can help you with?

Woman: Yes I want to order to-go, but I was wondering if you could help me find something healthy. I have been recovering from a stroke I had 6 months ago and I need to eat healthy.

(After some recommendations she chose something to eat and sat down for a moment, the woman was smiling most of the time which made me happy too. It reminded me of my father who died of a stroke seventeen years ago. I looked at the woman and tried to make some conversation with her while her food was ready.)

Me: So you have been driving now?

Woman: Oh yes! Just recently I got my license back, I feel so good because now I can be independent again.

Me: You are really lucky, and I am happy for you. My dad died seventeen years ago from a stroke, so I am glad to see people like you, it makes me really happy.

(The woman stared at me with a worried face.)

Woman: I am really sorry to hear that sweetie.

(I shock my head and said “It’s alright,” then went to put her to-go order together and went to give it to her, but just before she took the bag she gave me a tight hug and whispered to my ear “God bless you sweetheart. I teared up a little bit but her hug made me feel somehow happy. It really made my day!)

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