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I was working a register at the theater. Everything was uneventful for most of my shift, then this one old geezer comes in. He orders a small drink and a small popcorn.

I then ask him if he needs a ticket. He says “No.” and goes to butter his popcorn and get his soda. It’s not that unusual for people to come in and just get concessions. I think it’s fucking stupid, but whatever.

So after he’s done getting butter and soda he comes up to me and asks what time The Martian starts and what theater it’s in. I tell him and then ask if he needs a ticket because he hasn’t bought one yet
Again, he says “No.”.

Then he makes his way to the theaters. The ticket taker asks for his ticket. He then says that he doesn’t have one. Ticket taker says that I was supposed to give him one, so he comes back over to me demanding his ticket. I tell him that I asked him if he needed one and he said “No.”. He then gets pissed because he’s already spent $9, but doesn’t have a ticket and I have to charge him another $6. He then tells me to tell my managers that we should put the box office back where it was because the set up we have now is confusing and stupid. I say I will and he’s all like “No you’re not”.

I did tell my managers. Just so we can laugh about how fucking stupid he was.

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