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I seem to have this exact same conversation at least once a day…

Customer: “This new modem I just got isn’t even new! It didn’t come in a box or anything and it’s obviously been used! I didn’t even get a manual for it!”

Me: “I’m sorry you didn’t get the manual; I’ll email you one right now. But this is a rental; it should certainly be in perfect working order, but it’s not necessarily going to be brand new.”

Customer: “But I don’t want a refurbished one! I want a new one!”

Me: “And if you buy one and they sell it to you as new but seems to be used you can certainly take it back and insist they give you a new one. But this one is a rental; it probably won’t be a brand new one, any more than you will get a brand new, unused car when you rent one of those.”

Customer: “But I don’t want a used one.”