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(I’m working in box office when I receive a phone call.)

Me: Thank you for calling (theater), this is (name), how can I help you today?

Caller: Hi, I was wondering if you had a lost and found.

Me: Yes sir, we do.

Caller: Can you put me through to them?

Me: I can actually check it for you. What am I looking for?

Caller: Okay, it’s a blue and white iPhone.

(Note: we have a lost and found in box office for items lost that day and one upstairs for for items lost further back)

Me: Okay, and when was it lost?

Caller: July.

Me: Okay, please hold while I look.

(I check our lost and found log book. Seven iPhones were lost in July, five of which match the description to a degree.)

Me: (on walkie) Is there someone upstairs who can check the lost and found for me?

Manager: Yeah, what am I looking for?

Me: A blue and white iPhone lost in July.

Manager: (somewhat taken aback) Did you say July?

Me: Yup.

(We didn’t have it.)