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(I’ve been training for a week at a hotel chain, learning the ins and outs of the computer, answering the phone, etc. This is only my second day not shadowing my trainer, so I am actually manning the phones and front desk. I’ve been here about thirty minutes when the phone rings.)

Me: “Guest services, [my name] speaking.”

Guest: “Yes I’m…where is my husband?”

(She sounds very sleepy, as if she just woke up.)

Me: “E-excuse me?”

Guest: “I can’t call my husband.”

Me: “Alright ma’am, what’s your room number and your husband’s name?”

(She gives me the information and I call out into the lobby, having no luck finding him. I assume that she is calling from her room and her husband has left the building, and given we don’t know his contact info we can’t really help.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but it your husband isn’t in the breakfast room or lobby.”

Guest: “Oh…okay….” *click*

(She promptly hangs up. This conversation – nearly word-for-word, takes place three more times, with my trainer answering the last call and telling her exactly what I’ve been telling her. On the third call I suggest she try his cell phone, and on the fourth call my trainer takes the phone and suggests she call the police if she can’t find him. About thirty minutes after the last call we get another call.)

Me: “Guest services, [my name] speaking.”

Guest 2: “So yeah uh, my wife just told me you wouldn’t let her into our **** room.”

Me: “Sir, your wife called our front desk four times this morning asking very specifically where you were. If she had called to say she was locked out of your room, or that she needed a new key, we would have made her a new key so she could have gotten in. But we had no contact information for you, so we had no way of finding you.”

(The husband seemed to concede after a few more moments of speaking and we hung up the phone, case closed – or so I thought. About fifteen minutes later, however…)

Me: “[Hotel name], this is [my name], how can I help you?”

Guest 2: “Okay one more thing, if my wife EVER calls you and wants to be let into our room, you better ******’ let her in. God ****!”

Me: “Sir, your wife – ” *click*

(I explain to my trainer what happened and she called the room of the woman, whose parents were paying for her stay, and talked to her mother, explaining the situation and how her husband had cussed out their newest trainee. The wife, in return, apologized – it turns out she had been staying in a friend’s room but had neglected to give us that information, so we believed she simply wanted us to find her husband…as if our lack of information would magically make him appear out of thin air.)

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