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(Despite our 30 day return policy, and the fact that there was no additional coverage purchased with a printer, the customer is insisting that we return her 5 month old printer. We finally agree to store credit only, and explain to her that we are breaking store policy. The customer gets a new, more expensive printer, along with the ink for it)

Me: That’ll be *price*

Customer: ….That you owe me…

Me: No, that you owe us.

Customer: Well how does that work?

Me: The printer you returned was $70 and your new one is $100. plus the ink.

Customer; I thought the ink came with it!

Me: yes, the printer does come with ink, but it’s just a starter cartridge, so it’s not full at all. You’ll have to come back fairly soon to replace it. That’s why *coworker* suggested you get the ink off the shelf.

Customer: NO! I thought the ink was free with my printer since I just bought ink for my old printer that doesn’t work anymore! I just bought ink for it the other day from *different store*!

Me: Um, well just because you just bought new ink doesn’t mean you get this ink for free. You also bought it from a different store. Also the printer you’re returning is 4 months past the return policy, so we shouldn’t even be giving you a refund on that.

Customer: Then I don’t want the ink. Just the new printer.