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(I am working the drive-thru at (coffee shop) and this college-age guy walks up to the front register. There are no cars currently, so I go to take his order)
Me: Hello, what can I get for you?
Customer: How much are these? *puts pack of mints on counter*
Me: *scans mints* $2.15
Customer: So much would it be for four of them?
Me: *is a bit confused, but starts to scan the mints four times*
Customer: Because I need to buy a gift for Veronica Android the high witch of California and her sister the witch of North Carolina all hail Lucifer he will come back and they think I’m not going to send them a gift but they don’t know that I’m sending them one. They’ll be surprised. So I need a gift for the witches how much please?
Me: …….Um……
Customer: Are these naturally or artificially flavored?
Me: I don’t know
Customer: Are you refusing me customer service? Does anyone else hear this? This person is refusing to answer my question!
Me: No I’m not refusing, but if you look at the packaging it doesn’t say
*shift supervisor comes over*
Supervisor: Sir do you want to buy these?
*I slip away back to the drive thru to take an order and this customer proceeds to stay in the store another 2 hours and talk very loudly about crazy religious stuff and devil worship and witches and make everyone very uncomfortable*

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