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(I’m standing in line in front of the cash register, chatting with a friend while we wait for our turn. The line gets longer, so the cashier pages for someone to open up another register. It’s barely 10 seconds later when)

Woman: Hello? Open up another register.
Cashier: *is busy scanning items to make the line move faster*
Woman: Open up another register, some people have places to be. Hello!

(The woman moves to an empty register with her things when the cashier tells her that no one can scan her items on that register. She loudly voices her displeasure and attempts to squeeze back into the original line. Then a clerk comes from the back of the store to open up register.

Woman: Finally! Took you long enough, some people got places to be, you know.

She places her single item – bread – and then walks off. The new cashier looks in disbelief at the item, then the new line forming at her register which now can’t advance and finally me and my friend. All shake their heads. Teh woman comes back a minute later with a box of wine, pays and rushes off.)