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(I usually work at the gunbar in the field & stream department. I’m one of few who knows just about everything about firearms and ammunition. An old Man comes up to me with four different boxes of defense .380 acp bullets.)

Old Man: I need you to tell me the difference between all four of these boxes, they’re all .380, theyre hornady made, and they all are 99 grains.

Me: Well let’s take a look at each individual bullet.

(We open them and take a bullet out of each box and line them up.

Me: Well the 1st bullet has a steel casing which isn’t exactly ideal since some pistols are picky. The 2nd and 3rd ones look the same but one of them have a boat tail bullet which explains the price difference.

Old Man: whats that?

Me: its a where the rear of a bullet is tapered to decrease drag and increase velocity.

(I illustrated an example to him)

Old man: Well which one is the boat tail? They both look the same.

Me: its impossible to tell since they’re both seated inside the case.

Old man: then tell me what this zombie max is.

Me: its exactly the same as the other rounds.

Old man: but it has a green tip like the others.

Me: its just like the others, it just has a different packaging.

Old man: I don’t understand

Me: Companies make this ammunition for “zombies” which appeals to those who want to be in the “apocalypse” and they drive the price higher than the others to make a big profit. So its basically the exact same as the others except it has different looks.

(Side note: I apologize to all zombie lovers by the way)

Old man: alright then (walks off mumbling) dosent even know what he’s talking about.

(A second customer who was listening the whole time heard as well and we looked at each other and confirmed the same thing. What the hell?)

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