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(Our hotel has a shuttle bus, which can hold only 10. To avoid from it becoming overfull, each guest has to pick up a pass 15 minutes before leaving. The first bus leaves at 6:00 am, and it is now 5:30 am. An old man with a self important smirk comes by.)

Guest: “Hi, I need a pass for the 6 o’clock shuttle.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but those our given at 5:45, which is 15 min from now. You’ll have to pick them up then.”

Guest: “What? Can’t you just give me one now??”

Me: “I’m sorry sir, but those are the rules.”

Guest: *grouchily* “Fine!”

(Instead of going to get some coffee or breakfast like most other people have done in the past, he just stands there not moving, with a creepy smile. Another customer comes up for her invoice, and he doesn’t move.)

Me: “Sir, can you move, I have to help this other customer.”

(He moves an inch, and I help her. I’m getting really unnerved and annoying by his unblinking staring and creepy smile, but I don’t say anything more, just keep doing my work, answering phones and checking out customers. My clock hits 5:42, and another customer comes up.)

Customer: “May I get a shuttle pass for the 6 please.”

Me: “Ok.” *I hand it over*

Guest: “Hey, wait! It’s not 5:45 yet! It’s 5:42!”

Me: “Sometimes the customers’ watches are slow so I can give it a few minutes before but not 15. I was just being nice.”

Guest: “Hmph! Why didn’t you offer me one before, huh? You either follow the rules or you don’t! Which is it?! WHICH IS IT?!”

Me: “I was just about to offer you one early too but I was busy with other customers.”

Guest: “Not good enough! I was here first so I AM FIRST!!”

(He continues to rant and rave, so I just give him a pass so he’ll finally go away, which he does. I felt sorry for the poor driver who had to take him to the airport though, I saw him yelling at the driver as he boarded. He complained about me but the managers just laughed it off.)